Maintaining Your Roofline after a Wet Winter


One of the most exposed areas of your roof is your roofline. Composed of fascias, soffits and bargeboards (not sure which bit is which? See our guide here) the roofline supports the guttering that removes water from your roof and protects the timbers that support your roof from the elements. After a long wet winter, your roofline might need some maintenance.

Maintaining Your Roofline: What You Can Do

If you are going to use a ladder, remember: safety first. Ensure the ladder is balanced on level ground and that someone is securing it at the base. Once you’re up the ladder, you can make a quick visual inspection of the guttering. Are there any obvious blockages from leaves, twigs, moss and other detritus? These can be scooped out by hand - you’ll probably want to wear gloves. If your fascias and soffits are timber, the paintwork will need retouching every few years. Look for any signs of damp or rotten wood as you paint.

Maintaining Your Roofline: What We Can Do

If you see any signs of dampness or rotting wood, then we strongly suggest that you have an expert take a look. It may mean that that section of roofline will need to be replaced, or it may have spread to the rafters and feltwork - in which case some structural work may be necessary.

RG Leverett: The Roofline Experts

If you want to keep your roofline in top condition, give us a call and we can carry out a full inspection. If necessary, we can repair or replace your guttering. We can install plastic soffits and fascias which are much more durable and low-maintenance than their timber equivalents. Don’t let a wet winter soak its way into your roof: call us on 01603 418818.