Rubber Roofing: What is EPDM?

13th June 2017

RG Leverett are committed to guiding our customers through the process of replacing their roof. As part of this, it’s important to understand the different roofing systems that are available so that you can weigh up the various benefits of assorted techniques. In this week’s blog, we give you an overview of one of the leading choices for both homeowners and tradespeople: the EPDM system. 

Rubber roofing from RG Leverett

Rubber Roofing

Each system is created from a single piece of rubber. The lack of seams and joints makes for an airtight finish that means EPDM roofs often outperform other traditional roof coverings. This synthetic rubber has been specially designed for residential applications but it is just as valuable a method when it comes to bigger commercial projects.

Firestone EPDM

Different companies use slightly different products but all the systems are essentially made from a single piece of synthetic rubber. Firestone EPDM is the brand currently installed by RG Leverett. We trust Firestone and it’s widely recognised as one of the best brands in the business.

Superior Durability

EPDM has superior resistance to UV radiation, thermal shock and hail damage. Simultaneously robust and flexible, rubber roofing makes for a very durable choice. With a life expectancy often exceeding forty years, EPDM makes for a long-lasting roof. However, in the event that your rubber roof does need fixing in the future, it should also be easy to repair. 

Environmental Economy

EPDM is made up of recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly compared to other alternatives. EPDM is cut to size, making it a waste-free and also financially economical option. 

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