Danosa Bituminous Roofing System for Suffolk Village Home


Danosa roofing system

One of our roofing teams has been working in Swilland, Suffolk. The village is named after its historical connection to pigs and the etymology of the village name may be derived from ‘swine-land’. From our rooftop view, the surrounding farmland looked to be all winter barley. But we weren’t there for the agricultural history, we had a job to do! Namely: installing a high-performance Danosa bituminous roofing system on a new home extension.

Expertly Installed, Long-Lasting Protection:

Our experienced roofing contractors ensured the extension received the best possible protection by meticulously installing a comprehensive roofing system. This included:

  • Vapour control layer: This vital layer prevents moisture buildup within the roof structure, protecting against potential damage from condensation.
  • 150mm insulation boards: Complying with current building regulations, these boards provide exceptional thermal insulation, keeping the home energy-efficient and comfortable year-round.
  • High-performance Danosa Polydan bituminous roofing system: This advanced system delivers superior weatherproofing and durability, backed by an impressive 25-year workmanship and materials warranty for peace of mind.

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