How Long Is My New Roof Guaranteed For?

guaranteed roofing installation

When you choose RG Leverett to supply and install your new roof, you are choosing a reputable roofing contractor. That means any work we undertake and materials that we use will be guaranteed for a minimum of 20 years. For some types of roof, we are able to offer a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 or even 30 years.

Guaranteed Workmanship

All of our roofers are highly qualified and experienced in their chosen field of expertise. When we advertise for a new roofer to join our team, we look for a minimum of three years’ experience. Because we are roofing specialists, not builders undertaking roofing work, and because our teams are comprised of experienced roofers, we are confident in guaranteeing our workmanship for decades to come.

Guaranteed Materials

We only use the very best materials to complete our work. When we are constructing a pitched tiled roof, we use high-quality timber, tiles and insulation. We guarantee the workmanship and materials on these roofs for 25 years – so it makes sense that we would choose materials that will last.

Manufacturers’ Guarantee

We install systems from industry leading manufacturers such as Danosa, Polyroof and Topseal amongst others. Many of these manufacturers have their own qualifications that our contractors must pass (and refresh regularly) in order to be allowed to install these roofs. We are subject to regular inspections from the manufacturers to ensure that we are installing their roofs to their high standards. We welcome inspectors as we are proud of our installations and agreeing to these terms allows us to offer these long insurance-backed guarantees on their roofing systems.

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