Large Slate Roof in Norwich Cathedral Close


Large Slate Roof in Norwich Cathedral Close

A Cathedral Close is the plot of land surrounding some Cathedrals that can be gated at night providing a peaceful retreat from the rest of the city for the residents inside. Norwich boasts one of England's largest Cathedral Closes. This historic area is teeming with architectural marvels and RG Leverett was recently entrusted with a prestigious project: the restoration of a large slate roof on a property within this unique setting.

Slate Examination

Our team began by carefully removing all existing slates. We meticulously set aside any that could be reused, preserving the building's character. For damaged or broken slates, we sourced matching reclaimed Welsh slates to ensure a seamless aesthetic continuation.

With the slates removed, we were able to install a modern breather membrane for optimal ventilation and construct a robust foundation for the slate replacement out of new treated timber battens. We were also contracted to complete the leadwork around the chimney flashing, ensuring a watertight seal. Finally, we repointed the chimneys for a refreshed look and sourced new clay chimney pots that perfectly matched the originals.

Large Slate Roof in Norwich Cathedral Close

Historical Integrity

Maintaining the historical integrity of the building was paramount. We meticulously sourced and fitted reclaimed clay finials, roll top ridge tiles, and angled hip tiles. These reclaimed elements echoed the original design, ensuring the restored roof remained in perfect harmony with the surrounding architecture.

The final touch will be provided by the Cathedral authorities, who will be painting and decorating the soffits, fascias, and bargeboards. This combined effort will create a truly stunning and historically accurate finish in keeping with the other properties under the Cathedral’s care.

A big thank you to our colleagues at Tubes scaffolding company for providing safe and secure access throughout the project.

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