Specialist Slate Roofing Work at Shadwell Court


images of construction on Shadwell Court

Shadwell Court, a country manor comprising an original 18th Century lodge that had large extensions added during the reign of Queen Victoria, stands as a testament to Norfolk's rich architectural heritage. Steeped in history, the building demands the utmost care and expertise when it comes to restoration.

Restoration Challenge

RG Leverett, Norwich's trusted roofing contractor, is proud to have been invited to be part of Shadwell Court's ongoing restoration. Contracted by TM Browne Building Contractors, we're meticulously tackling the slate roofing work on this impressive structure.

The project involves a comprehensive approach, removing the ancient slate roof tile by tile, salvaging the best for reuse and replacing those that are worn and cracked. The restored roof will be a combination of reclaimed and new slates. Our skilled roofers are seamlessly integrating the new materials to preserve the building's historic character. We are also using our skills to upgrade the leadwork, a crucial element in ensuring the roof's longevity and watertight integrity.

Nearing Completion

These photos were taken around the halfway point of this intricate project. Our colleagues at TM Browne Building Contractors are handling all the building, carpentry, and structural work. They invited us to be a part of the project because they needed dedicated roofers with specialist skills to carry out the slatework.

Preserving History

At RG Leverett, we are experienced in working on listed buildings like Shadwell Court. We understand the unique challenges and sensitivities associated with historical restorations. Our commitment lies in preserving the architectural heritage of our region while our skilled roofers have access to classic and contemporary roofing techniques and materials.

Considering Specialist Roofing Work for Your Listed Building?

If you're the custodian of a listed building in need of specialist roofing work, contact RG Leverett on 01603 418818 or drop us an email to We'll be happy to discuss your project and develop a tailored plan to ensure your property's legacy endures for generations to come.

Main image credit: By John Fielding from Norwich, UK - Shadwell Court aerial image - Brettenham Norfolk UK 01, CC BY 2.0,