Pitched Roof Replacement for the Diocese of Norwich


Pitched roof for Diocese of Norwich property

Those of you who regularly follow our blog will know that we were recently asked by the Diocese of Norwich to carry out the replacement of a slate roof at one of their vicarages in Norwich.

Following on from that project, we were approached by the Diocese once again - this time to carry out a roof refurbishment at another of their properties in Horning, just north of Norwich.

On this occasion we were working with a pitched tiled roof. All tiles and the existing membrane were removed and in its place we fitted a new YBS quilted insulated breather membrane onto new treated timber battens. The YBS breather membrane will significantly help to improve the insulation not only of the roof space, but also of the property overall.

New battens and membrane for horning property

Fortunately the vast majority of the roof tiles that we removed were still in good condition and these were refitted to the roof. Where the tiles we removed were either broken or damaged, we sourced good quality matching reclaimed tiles.

New concrete ridge

The roof was finished off with a new concrete ridge which was bedded into mortar. As you can see from the photos, the neat and tidy cement work really shows off our attention to detail and the skill and workmanship of our roofers.

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