What is the Best Way to Select a Roofing Contractor?

Roofing contractor

When hiring a contractor to make essential repairs on the roof of your house, you’ll want to be certain that they are qualified to do the job. Unfortunately, there are many ‘cowboys’ in the building game that will promise the earth at rock bottom prices then fail to deliver or do shoddy work that needs to be fixed by a professional. Make sure that your roofing contractor can demonstrate these four essentials.

  • Accreditations. Is your contractor affiliated to a body that maintains standards for its members? If not, why not? RG Leverett are members of the two largest roofing trade associations: the CORC and the NFRC. Read a full list of our accreditations on our website.
  • References. In this day and age, everybody can be a reviewer. So, it is not hard to find online testimonials and deduce customer satisfaction from these. Read our reviews on review site Referenceline.
  • Insurance. It should go without saying that anybody at work on your roof should be properly insured. We have Public Liability and Employee Liability Insurance policies to the value of £10 million.
  • Experience. RG Leverett is a family-run company that has been in business since 1986. We’ve stayed in business for 32 years because we have built a reputation for excellent work and reasonable prices.

Provided you stick to these guidelines, your roof will be safe from the machinations of uninsured bodge-artists. There have been many times that we have been called in to fix someone unqualified’s work and the customer will typically wish that they had just contacted us in the first place. If you would like us to take a look at your roof, give us a call on 01603 418818 or email

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