Case Study: New Green Roof for Norwich Property

The finished green roof we installed.

Our teams have been extremely busy in recent weeks. The constant warm weather providing a pleasant challenge throughout the jobs we have completed. We were recently back in Norwich working on a fairly large job – laying a green roof system on a domestic property. The images and captions below follow us through the job and describe it in greater detail. 

The flat roof before we began our work.

We were contracted by the builders who were working on the project to install a high-performance green roof system for the flat roof and tiling on the pitched roofs. This image shows the roof before we began our work.

The area where the skylights would be installed.

Space where one of the skylights is to be installed. We used a felt base layer on the roof before laying the green roof. 

The pitched roof we installed.

Two parts of the roof required tiling. We installed the pitched roof with a new modern breather membrane and treated battens finished off with new Imery Panne S tiles in the old vintage colour.

Another angle of the tiles we installed on the pitched roof.

Here is another angle of the pitched roof and the new tiles we installed in the job. 

Our team working on the roof.

We were working with one of Danosa’s high-quality roof coverings. We installed their Polydan green roof built up system with a Sedum blanket. It comes with a 20-year insurance-backed guarantee. 

The Velux windows on the other pitched roof.

The other pitched roof has new Velux windows. This was the flat roof before we installed the green roof system.

The finished green roof.

Here is the completed roof, with the green roof and roof tiles completely installed. The sedum roof covering is a good choice as it requires little soil but is a very effective roof covering. Sedum is drought resistant and naturally insulative, making it the perfect choice for a green roof. 

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