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Dealing with Snow Damage on Your Roof

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Snow on pitched roof of house.

Roofs are very susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and moisture. Snow can therefore pose a serious threat to your roof. When the snow sitting on your roof thaws and starts to melt, checking your roof for damage is essential. We are experienced with working on roofs that have been damaged by the elements and today, we will be talking about snow damage on roofs and how we deal with it.

Damage Snow Can Cause 

Here are some examples of the damage that snow can cause:

  • Snow dams – These form when the attic of a home is warm enough to melt the underside of the snow on the tiles above. The water then trickles between the roof tiles until it reaches the eave of the roof. They can leak into your house and cause damage to ceilings and walls, as well as damage insulation.
  • Icicle damage – Icicles can cause problems for the fascias and gutters of your roof. The ice can block gutters, causing them to leak and it may also freeze inside the gutters of your roof, leaving them very heavy and likely to fall down. Icicles may cause damage to the fascias of your roof and may melt and leak through them.
  • Roof collapse – This is highly unlikely because of the low levels of snow we get here in the UK, but heavy snow can cause your roof to collapse. Flat roofs are more likely to be affected by heavy snow than pitched roofs, but heavy accumulations of snow can cause damage to pitched roofs too.

The Temptation to Remove Snow from Your Roof 

Removing the snow and ice from your roof may seem the logical way to protect your roof from damage. However, you should never climb onto a snowy roof. We’re professionals and we don’t work in snowy and icy conditions because it is too dangerous. 

If you have warning before the snowfall arrives, spreading de-icing salt over your home’s roof is a good idea. Salt prevents ice from forming because it causes freezing point depression. Lowering the freezing point of the ice causes it to melt and prevents snow from settling and ice from forming.

What to Do If You Spot Damage

Leaving already damaged roofs before having any repairs done to them is a really bad and very expensive decision. If you spot damage or suspect that there is a problem with your roof, book a free roof and roofline survey. Our surveys will see your whole roof and roofline inspected thoroughly and you will receive a full report and quote within 72 hours. You can find out more about our free roof surveys here

Has recent snowfall caused damage to your roof? We can help, call us on 01603 418818 or email us on enquiries@roofsuk.co.uk.

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