Will You Dispose of All Construction Debris?

tidy workmanship on rooftop

All debris that is created in the course of our work on your roof will be removed from your property and disposed of responsibly at the appropriate waste recycling facility. The removal of debris will be fully costed before we start work and these costs will be included in our initial quote.

Large Projects

For large projects that generate more waste than be safely removed in our vans, we will organise the delivery and collection of a skip provided by a local waste contractor. The skip can be used to contain all debris neatly on site until the end of the project – at which time the contents can be taken for disposal and recycling. 

Hazardous Waste  

If we identify hazardous waste (asbestos was extensively used as insulation in roof construction in the mid-Twentieth Century) during our initial survey, we can arrange for its removal on your behalf and include any additional charges from contracted specialist disposal firms within your overall quote. Alternatively, you can arrange for its removal before we start work. For reasons of health and safety, we are unable to remove hazardous waste ourselves. 

Tidy Workmanship

We pride ourselves on our tidy approach to our work. We appreciate that people may have to continue to dwell or work in a building where we are conducting improvements to the roof. We keep a tidy worksite and when the project is finished, the only evidence of our presence left behind should be your new roof!


With 25 years’ experience in the industry, our team is highly professional and you can rest assured that every project we undertake will be completed to the highest standards. For more information about how we work or to book a free initial roof survey, please call us on 01603 418818 or email any questions to

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